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Pierre-Henri HORREIN, 03/15/2016 12:18 PM

Welcome to Ouessant RedMine public page

Ouessant is an approach for Hardware coprocessors integration. It is based on a microcode thought for IP usage. You can find a short history of the project in the history wiki page.

In this RedMine page, you will find all required documentation to understand, use and develop Ouessant coprocessors. You can also add tickets to request enhancement or report bugs/issues. You can also browse the code.

Ouessant is distributed under a CeCILL-C license. This license is fully compatible with GNU LGPL license. Ouessant is an academic project, we will try to release new versions on a regular basis, and to correct any bugs you find, but time required for this may vary.

We hope you will enjoy using Ouessant as much as we do !

The Ouessant team

Starting Points