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h1. Welcome to Ouessant RedMine public page

Ouessant is an approach for Hardware coprocessors integration. It is based
on a microcode thought for IP usage. You can find a short history of the
project in the [[OuessantHistory|history]] wiki page.

In this RedMine page, you will find all required documentation to understand,
use and develop Ouessant coprocessors. You can also add tickets to request
enhancement or report bugs/issues. You can also browse the code.

Ouessant is distributed under a "CeCILL-C": license. This license is fully compatible with GNU LGPL license. Ouessant is an academic project, we will try to release new versions on a regular basis, and to correct any bugs you find, but time required for this may vary.

We hope you will enjoy using Ouessant as much as we do !

The Ouessant team

h2. Starting Points

* [[OuessantHistory|Project Genesis]] -- A short description of the Ouessant project history, team and aims
* [[OuessantQuickStart|Quickstart]] -- Using Ouessant: Quick Start Guide
* [[OuessantBoards|Supported boards]] -- List of supported boards and how to work with them
* [[OuessantAddIp|Howto: add an IP]] -- Add an IP to Ouessant
* [[OuessantCommunication|Publications]] -- Presentations and work based on Ouessant
* [[OuessantContactUs|Contact us !]]