Net-install service

The Net-install service enables the Linux system installation by booting from the local network (PXE). This service is available on the VLAN51 (private lab network).

Using the service

  1. Connect the computer to a ethernet plug configured to use the VLAN51
  2. Boot the computer by choosing Network Boot
  3. The computer should boot by showing a blue menu (Note: several tries may be needed, depending of the delay for the network switch to enable the ethernet port for your machine)
  4. Choose which system you want to install
  5. Follow OS install procedure

TODO: Explain systems alternatives (serial/gtk preseed)

Note: each Debian (and Ubuntu?) installed system is set up for using the lab mirror for packages installation. You may disable this by editing /etc/apt/apt.conf


  • The service is hosted by the server (VM on virtualc5-3 KVM hypervisor). Login to this server is adminrsm.
  • The netboot service is enabled using dnsmasq, with configuration located in /etc/dnsmasq.d/01_netinstall.conf
  • The different installable systems images are located in /srv/tftp/netboot-installer
  • Systems images can be added/removed by adding entries in /srv/tftp/netboot-installer/pxelinux.cfg/installer-entries
  • Systems images may need to be updated (when kernel modules have been updated) :
    • Look for installer mirror in /srv/tftp/netboot-installer/installers.txt
    • Download MIRROR-URL/installer-{ARCH}/current/images/netboot/netboot.tar.gz
    • Unpack in /srv/tftp/netboot-installer/{DIST}-{ARCH}/netboot