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Bruno STEVANT, 07/19/2018 02:28 PM

Network equipements

<Name> Domain IP Access login/ena Descr. Config
router B25 telnet,ssh adminrsm/ip6 Core router for Infra and B25 Config
switchg B25 telnet adminrsm/ip6 Core switch for Infra Config
switchb25 B25 telnet adminrsm/ip6 B25 switch Config
switcha17b B25 telnet adminrsm/ip6 A17b rack switch Config
switcha25 B25 telnet  adminrsm/ip6  A25 switch -
routerl4g (ce1) Labo4g telnet,ssh  adminrsm/35 Labo4g router Config
switchl4g Labo4g telnet adminrsm/35 Labo4g switch Config
switch-poe Labo4g - -  -  Switch PoE -
switch-secu Secu -  lab0secu  Secu lab switch -

Access to network devices

Network devices can be accessed can by either the 2 following methods depending of the device according to the List of network devices


  • Mainly for B25 devices
  • Credentials: adminrsm / campusderennes35

Note: Method to deprecate !


  • Mainly for Labo4G devices
  • Credentials stored in attachment:labo4g_v1.1.keychain

labo4g v1.1.keychain - Trousseau Labo4G (format MAC) mdp:Bomberman4G (64.1 KB) Bruno STEVANT, 07/19/2018 02:32 PM