Network supervision

Network and server monitoring

Graph monitoring with cacti

Cacti is a tool to collect values from machines and network equipments and to represent them in graphs.

Values are collected using SNMPv2. Most of the equipments in the B25 lab use the read-only community ''b25'' or ''cacti'' (example L.54)

TODO: Make all SNMP configurations consistent

The cacti tool is hosted on the Hermes server. Graphs are exported every 15min to be publicly accessible (See Cacti config).

IP monitoring (net-scan)

A nmap instance regularly scans the public IPv4 range used in the lab to detect new pingable public IPv4 and/or new open TCP port.

The script is run on a daily basis on the Hermes server. Results are commited on the SVN noc-rsm project and available here: source:/net-scan/ipv4+ports.scan

Rule of thumb: Every pingable IPv4 address must be registered in the reverse DNS file

TODO: Integrate ndpmon tool for IPv6 discovery and perform nmap scan on discovered IP.

Failure notification

Nagios is a tool which monitor service reachability. Notifications can be sent by mail when detecting a problem. Centreon is a web portal to configure Naagios.

These tools have been deployed as part of the FAN (Fully Automated Nagios) Linux distribution. This distribution is currently used as a virtual machine running on the MacMini Server.